Monday, March 5, 2007
  Mario Comunist Edition

Note: I'm not the author of the video, I'm not sure who really made this (, but its awesome
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Really well done!

Learn to spell. COMMUNIST.
Isn't he supposed to get the girl at the end?
Very nifty, but shouldn't the 'shrooms have Uncle Sam hats or dollar signs for eyes? Such iconography was all the rage back in the good old days of the Cold War . . .
OMG, in Soviet Russia, mushrooms DO eat you!
way to just rip something off newgrounds and not even give credit to the artist:

see here for the original:

for shame..
more like the American version. Stop living in the past. You gonan blame the commies in 2322 too?
And that was just world 1 level 1!
What a scary thought to see world 8.
communist just because it's red?
don't see anything 'communist' there... :-/
"way to just rip something off newgrounds and not even give credit to the artist:"

Omgz!!11 Yes, because he also totally modified the credits where it clearly says "Animation by" and the name of the author. Remember kids, the internets is serious business! Make sure you go around and police the blags for committing the heinous crime of embedding flashes!
Communist CRAP!
OMFG, this is the best ever!!!!
And god stop wining its just a little flash. Its not like he burned your flag or something :/
it's totally a communist joke. it's communist mario because it was just ripped from another site as if everything was co-owned and given out evenly to the peoples. geez herval, learn to read between the lines. Maybe suttle tea isn't for everyone..
yay communism !! =P
The creator of this work is Celarent, of It seems as though you're trying to take credit for the work of someone else; nowhere do you give honest credit to the creator of this work (we don't see the handle until the end of the animation). The original animation - "The People's Mario" - can be found here:
That was really great loved the animation..
This is from and it's about a year old. I'm not saying you stole it, but I'm just saying.
Fucking badass!
That's awesome.
"communist just because it's red?
don't see anything 'communist' there... :-/"

Wow, do you know anything about the Cold War?

The style of this animation reeks of Communist propaganda.
Oh my God. Just stop people. I don't see that s/he tried to claim the creation of the flash. They just posted it in their blog. Because it was funny. You asses.

In other news...that made a lot more sense than it didn't.
Good job man.
that was awesome
What no fireworks after entering the castle?! That was too awesome to not have any fireworks!
In Soviet Russia, mushroom kills plumber.
I got the video from a friend and did not modify it, I don't know who the _real_ author is, so far there seem to be 3 of them. stop bitching about it.
But Mario is a monarchist! He's practically married to the feudal overlord of the Mushroom Kingdom...

I'd like to see a version where the mushroom Red Army crushes Peach and all of the other bourgeois pigs.

Koopas of the world unite! All hail comrade Bowser!
hahahahaha so friki!
Since nobody seems to care that this content isn't properly credited, I'll just repost:

The creator of this work is Celarent, of

It seems as though you're trying to take credit for the work of someone else; nowhere do you give honest credit to the creator of this work (we don't see the handle until the end of the animation).

The original animation - "The People's Mario" - can be found here:
Thanks for the miniscule footnote. Now I can sleep at night.
Actually it is properly credited. Just thought I'd clarify that.
"Wow, do you know anything about the Cold War?"

A solitary hero fighting many to triumph in the end? Sounds like American individualism to me. The style of artwork may resemble communist propaganda, but conceptually, there's nothing communist about it at all.
interesting and cool video
CLEARLY, it's made by Terminal #71 and posted first at Newgrounds. Why even take the file and post it yourself? Why not give those other sites props? WTF?
I have noticed the note saying "i am not the author..." i think this should be enough, i mean c'mon really if you know who wrote it good for you.
Waaaaaaaaa, "Learn to spell. COMMUNIST"...thank you Mr. Fucking Webster dictionary...waaaaaa "communist because it's red?"...STFU...waaaa "communist CRAP".
Get a fucking life you idiots, enjoy the animation for what it is and get your heads out of your asses.

almost. the koupa shell gouranga shoulda thrown a 1-UP. perhaps the soviets are too hardcore for extra lives? chalk one up for fatalism.
This was really great.

Man, those commies really like to sing in chorus.
commie bastards!
This argument over the original creator amuses me.

Property is theft, right? Therefore, theft is property and thus whoever steals this video owns it. Besides, comrades, there is no such thing as intellectual property rights when there are no rights of ownership.

Silly capitalist pig-dogs.
I like how people are blaming for theft when it says RIGHT THERE, UNDERNEATH THE FLASH:

Note: I'm not the author of the video, I'm not sure who really made this (, but its awesome


To comment: I completely forgot about this movie too, but damn I liked it. Nice to see it around again. :D
"Work will set you free!" Government is God. LuV Socialism!
"In Soviet Russia, mushroom kills plumber."
I beg to differ.
In America, you stomp on mushrooms with your Game Boy. In Soviet Russia, mushroom stomps YOU!!!
"Work will set you free," is a staple of WWII Germany, not a soviet state. "Unite for the common good," would be more along the lines of communism.

And don't bash people, 'cause you're just as pathetic as they are.

-hermit-bob of various sites
it starts from a basic mistake. In Communist actistic paraphernalia there was no individual heroes.
This due to an old report back in the old 8 bit days that consoles where evil and to prove there point they somehow made out mario was a communist google it will find more info
Very good indeed!
This is so old my mom showed me :|
This would fall under Karl Marx's proletarian (did I spell that right?) revolt, which is why Mario has his Donkey Kong hammer in it, to show he is a member of the working class. The idea is that the impverished would eventually revolt agaisnt the rich, and make their government communist. Personally, I think such a revolt would lead to an anarchy instead. As for communism being effective, think about WHY the Soviet Union lost the cold war. So ends my rant.
really good one! how about trade links?
@ Gene:

Obviously Soviet Communism lost the Cold War because it could not support a strong enough economy to keep up in the WMD race with the US and NATO.

OTOH, if for some reason, USSR had not put all that money into nukes to keep up with the west, they would propably still be living in their so-called proletarian utopia. (Assuming that the west would not use nukes to push democracy on the communists, of course)

Communism can be effective (China has a huge economy despite being communist, for example) but the reason it failed in Europe and will (propably) eventually fail in China is that it relies on people in authority not being corrupt. But power corrupts and as such it is important that the people get to choose their leaders instead of those already in power, as was the case in USSR.

If no one was selfish, communism would propably be the ideal form of government, but people are people, after all. :D
To above poster:

Gene did not say that. Gene stated how old the flash was. The person who you should be speaking to is infact "anonymous."

Communist China may have their resources... But have you ever read the life story of Yao Ming?

To the anonymous reply about why communism failed:

China is not really a strictly communist country. It has become more and more relaxed in its regulation of the economy which is why their markets have taken off the last few decades.

Also, I'd just like to add a few more reasons why communism inevitably fails in addition to corruption in leadership. A big part of why it can never be as important is a lack of incentives to work. There is no reason for people to excel or be industrious, because they don't get to own their success. Another important factor is that the government can never allocate resources as efficiently as a free market where prices can fluctuate according to supply and demand. In the end, all you end up with is a third world economy and a horribly oppressed people.
Can't belive people are actually getting mad about this. Ah well. Hi-freaking-larious!
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