Tuesday, March 6, 2007
  I'm gonna have a baby!

This girl is nucking futs! Its probably edited but still funny.
nucking futs. well put.
im my baby looses it's pacifier thats ok cause I got 3 more! omg, bitch has no idea how hard it is to have a kid.
"my dream is to drop out of school, be on girls gone wild and have my baby"

it's important to have dreams... keep reaching for the stars!
uuuuhhhhh....this girl needs to wake up and I am sure she will when she has a baby.
...tonight on a very special Blossom...
The camera shot they did of the stupid mom who *thinks* she's not ready for a baby. Moms are so dumb, right? HAHA

I'd love to see the followup to this.
She's a dumb child, she doesn't even quite know what's having a kid. She doesn't need provocative and creepy camera shots, she needs a mom to bitchslap her and send her to her room where she should be studying.
She's crazy but... I'd hit it. And so would you.
I'm sure her mom feels like drowning HER baby now.

"And if my baby grows up to be a maniac stupid bitch, that's alright, cos I got a shotgun!"
i hope that baby tears here vagina to bits when it comes out
Wow how about we just let her have 2 babys, give one to the mom to start over and one to the tramp to have her stafoo.
why does she sound hispanic
can't wait for reality to kick in.
Wow, the sad thing is reality is NEVER going to sink in. Face it, the world is full of shitty mothers popping out kids one after another. You have to have brain in order to understand how difficult something is--and she has none.
while the goverment is handing all these baby bonuses out like they are from the tax payer there will be lots of stupid girls wanting a fast buck
Idiocracy at "work"
Whateva! I do what I want!
NOT 1 NOT 2 BUT 3 GUYS! Yeah I'm a player but thats cool cause I'm like that!
A big LOOOOOOL what a bitch from Germany!! omfg!
Yeah iam the man you fucked hear.
She was really hot and nasty.
And shes got an small pussy.
This child doesn't need a child. 12 years ago she needed a mother instead of a "friend". People like this should be sterilized(mom & daughter). This isn't funny. It's horrifying that she's going to ruin someone elses life besides her own.

is this a clip of britney 4 years ago?
god dam, 9 times fucking about she sticks the baby up her ass, and my cook too..

PS: I was Guy nr. 1!
she'd sound a lot more interlectual with my dick in her mouth
yoo stupid whore u dnt no wt its lyk 2 av a fkin kid im 13 n i knw mre thn u fkin do u silli whore u shunt fkin open ur legs shud u u silli whore lol crazy slag!!
here u fkin silli slsag u knw fk all alryt so fkin av ya bbi yh n i ope u fkin av sooo mch pain i jst ope tht ur kid dnt fkin turn ot lyk u cz i wear to fklin god it will av a lot of fkin stik u silli crazy slag dnt open ur legs nxt tym init!!!
yoo stupid whore u dnt no wt its lyk 2 av a fkin kid im 13 n i knw mre thn u fkin do u silli whore u shunt fkin open ur legs shud u u silli whore lol crazy slag!!
her mother is the one who needs to be on the fukn maury show gettn some help not her tramp ass daughter..... she raised her like that there jus 2 dumb bytchs lookn for money an a helpn hand!!!!!!!!
2 days later
Wait WHAT?!!
Ma Baby aint gonna take none a dat!

(all in an accent mix of hispanic, southern, and giraffe)
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